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Staircase, hallway, and entry way cleaning on the island of Corfu.  Cleanco.gr is your key to clean!

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stairs cleaning

A professional stairwell cleaning is characterized by maximum thoroughness and optimal care protection. First, the loose dirt is removed, for example with a vacuum cleaner. The floor can then be cleaned with a damp cloth, depending on the material.  All debris is removed to promote safety of use.

As a professional cleaning company with over thirty years of experience in Greece, Germany and the USA these are all part of our standard range of services.  We work hard so you don't have to!

For superior cleanliness of the floor and its appearance it is sometimes wiped by hand.  We provide professional quality cleaning with a personal touch of perfection.

Cost and environmental awareness constantly demand better solutions. Thanks to modern cleaning equipment and cleaning agents, we achieve optimal cleaning results for everyone in a shorter time. We use biodegradable and, if possible, 100% environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Our services for stairwell cleaning:

· Cleaning of stairwells, including corridor windows and banisters

· Cleaning of the entrance area

· Cleaning of the hallway areas

· Watering plants in the corridor area

· Other services by agreement

This service makes work considerably safer, especially for seniors.

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