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Cleanco.gr specializes in office and building cleaning on the island of Corfu.  Professional quality cleaning with a personal touch!

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A thoroughly clean work space is essential and critical for the safety of your customers and staff!  All areas, including sanitary areas such as restrooms and kitchens, are intensively cleaned.  Rest assured that your assets during the cleaning process are protected.  As a professional cleaning company with over thirty years of experience in Greece, Germany and the USA these are all part of our standard range of services.  We give you a clear view for a clear difference!

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 We use biodegradable and, if possible, 100% environmentally friendly cleaning agents. We bring the power of nature to your bottom line.  Our highly trained cleaning teams can accomodate your busy schedule.  They are prompt and they work quickly with excellent attention to detail.  Our team will brighten your business from every angle so that you love your space from every side.  Let us clean your worries away!

Our services in office/building/retail cleaning include:

· Cleaning of the office entrance

· Cleaning the reception and waiting area

· Cleaning of all surfaces: laminate, carpet or tiles by vacuuming or wet cleaning

· Cleaning of radiators, sockets and strips

· Cleaning of conference and work rooms

· Cleaning of office furniture, chairs, cupboards and conference room/waiting area tables

· Cleaning of windows and window sills

· Cleaning the doors, handles and door frames

· Cleaning of technical rooms such as heating and meter rooms or air conditioning rooms

· Disposal of waste and waste paper

· Cleaning of the communal kitchen

· Cleaning of the restrooms

· Cleaning the elevator

Optional services such as washing dishes, cutlery and glasses

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Just call us! (+30 2661 041 357 - +30 6936 598 236)

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