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By their very nature, industrial floors are often exposed to extreme soiling, as well as fats, oils, chemical, and sticky substances. These substances must be removed for safety reasons and to protect the value of your assets. As a professional cleaning company with over thirty years of experience in Greece, Germany and the USA these are all part of our standard range of services.  We work hard so you don't have to!  At we have over thirty years of experience in this area and strive to provide you full satisfaction with every visit. Our employees ensure fewer tripping hazards and, of course, a lower risk of slipping on all floors.

If necessary, we can also clean your floors after work or on the weekend. We are at your disposal and we are guided by your schedule. industrial floor cleaning services include:

1. High pressure cleaning
2. Cleaning of grease, oil, and dirt
3. Hall cleaning
4. Warehouse cleaning
5. Offices cleaning
6. Kichens cleaning
7. Toilets cleaning

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