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Food service cleaning on the island of Corfu.  Cleanco.gr is your trusted partner.  You will be swept away because we mean clean!

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We have specialized experience of over thirty years in food service cleaning.  We use biodegradable and, if possible, 100% environmentally friendly cleaning agents.  The Cleanco.gr team use special detergents and disinfectants specific to the food service industry bringing the power of nature to your bottom line.

As a professional cleaning company with over thirty years of experience in Greece, Germany and the USA these are all part of our standard range of services.  We work hard so you don't have to!

Food service establishments and especially kitchens are subject to strict regulations with regard to their cleanliness and hygiene. Food is stored, prepared and consumed here.  For health and safety, your guests rely on you to ensure immaculate cleanliness.

However, no restaurant is spared from dirt. Something boils over quickly in the kitchen, a used plate falls to the floor in a restaurant, or fat collects in hard-to-reach corners. Therefore, when it comes to thorough cleaning under strict hygiene regulations your specific handling is our top priority!  Any mess, big or small, is our mission!  We work hard so that you don`t have to.

Our skilled Cleanco.gr cleaners are professionally trained and have thorough knowledge of how dirt can be removed quickly and effectively.  We adhere strictly to industry cleaning and safety standards.

Cleanco.gr will ensure your guests return happy and your culinary business can withstand unannounced control visits.  We can provide you piece of mind to tackle any cleaning obstacle with one phone call!  Our superior service makes all the difference.  Let us clean your worries away.

Quality and service in food service cleaning

Our qualified team is experienced in food service cleaning and is continuously trained. Hygiene and cleanliness are our top priority!

Regular and thorough cleaning is essential for the well-being and health of your guests and employees.

We differentiate between standard cleaning, deep cleaning and hourly shift cleaning.

The standard cleaning includes all cleaning work and can be one time or regularly scheduled ongoing cleaning.

We will, so to speak, "clean the ship" from the entrance door to the rear storage room.

Deep cleaning is recommended at least two times a month under and behind work stations and equipment for required good hygiene.  Deep cleaning can also be one time special event cleaning or single event based on need (pipe burst for example).

Hourly shift cleaning is an ongoing cleaning process scheduled throughout the day based on customer volume and cleanliness need.  This service ensures permanent cleanliness and hygiene - in all areas of the business.  This is typically required in food service in the kitchen and in your guest toilets.

Our services in catering cleaning:

  • Cleaning of the restaurant/bakery/butcher entrance area
  • Cleaning of the waiting area and the dining area
  • Cleaning of communal restrooms
  • Cleaning of windows and window sills as well as radiators
  • Cleaning the doors, door handles and door frames
  • Disposal of waste and waste paper
  • If necessary, cleaning of the elevator
  • Furthermore, we take care of the cleaning and maintenance of:
    • Work surfaces
    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Ovens, stoves, extractor hoods, deep fryers
    • do the washing up
    • Windows
    • Ceiling cladding
    • Tables and chairs
    • Shelves, cabinets inside and outside
    • Lighting systems
    • Ventilation shafts
    • Drains

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Just call us! (+30 2661 041 357 - +30 6936 598 236)

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