We clean for you in the island of Corfu.

Cleanco.gr of Corfu is the spirit of clean! We are a one stop commercial cleaning company that provides quality service with unmatched value. Let us clean your worries away with our clear view solutions!

Just call us! (+30 2661 041 357 - +30 6936 598 236)

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Greetings!  Please let us instroduce our expert cleaning team at Cleanco.gr!  We are a Greek owned local Corfu business with over thirty years of cleaning experience in Greece, Germany and the USA.  We offer a complete range of professional cleaning services at a competitive rate.  We follow COVID required safety protocol at all times for the safety of your customers, your staff and Cleanco.gr team members.

Your House or business premises, regardless of the practice such as office, medical, hospitality/residential, or food service represent a significant investment. It is very important that your premises are kept in perfect condition to ensure long-term value retention and a spotless presentation for your customers.  We at Cleanco.gr partner with you and are on call to solve all of your cleaning needs!

Cleanco.gr offers you a range of services with a special focus on bringing the power of nature to your bottom line in product choice.  We use chosen techniques for the most cost-effective cleaning results.  This includes single use event cleaning or regularly scheduled cleaning packages at a competitive rate.  You will be swept away because we work hard so you don`t have to!

Our staff are trained regularly with updates and improved procedures.  Excellent quality assurance is of the highest priority. Call or email today to set appointment for your cleaning solution consultation after your free onsite inspection.  Upon completion you will receive a full written quotation for your review and approval before any work commences.  Cleanco.gr is committed to your present and future full satisfaction! 

Our range of services includes the following:

Do you have specific questions about our services and offers? Please give us a call or send us an email. We are here to answer all of your cleaning needs because a clean start is a great start!

Thank you for your time and attention.  We look forward to speaking with you. 

The Cleanco.gr Team.  Your key to clean!

Just call us! (+30 2661 041 357 - +30 6936 598 236)

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